Mission Raniganj’s third day at the box office brought in a staggering amount of money.

Mission Raniganj’s third day at the box office brought in a staggering amount of money.


Mission Raniganj Day 3 Box Office Collection

Welcome to another excellent article. Mission Raniganj was released to theaters last Friday, and now in this piece, we’ll discuss its third day’s box office earnings.

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The movie, however, debuted rather slowly last Friday, and it received criticism for not performing up to expectations.
If we look at the first day’s earnings, we will see that the film earned Rs. 2.8 crores on the first day yesterday. While on the second day, the film had earned Rs 4.70 crores and on the third day it is estimated that the film will earn only around Rs 5 to 6 crores.

Mission Raniganj Day 3 Box Office Collection: Open Day Collection

Last Friday saw the theatrical debut of this movie. The movie was enthusiastically marketed before its release. You will get to see Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in the key parts of this movie, and they will wow audiences with their superb acting.


We’re doing everything we can to draw viewers, but for some reason, this movie isn’t particularly popular, and it had a disastrous opening weekend at the box office.
first day

And it could not earn as per its expectations. Even though several movie reviewers had projected that the movie would have a solid start and make a big amount of money on the first day, the movie only made Rs. 2.8 crores on the first day. The forecast was wholly inaccurate, and the movie bombed at the box office on the first day.


Mission Raniganj Day 3 Box Office Collection, Second Day


After the disappointing earnings on the first day, people were now eyeing the earnings on the second day of the film. People were speculating that the film might not do well on the first day but the film would do well on the second day as it fell on Saturday.

People’s weekend also starts on the same day, but if we talk about the film’s earnings on the second day, it has earned only around Rs 4.70 crores, which is considered an average earning.


Mission Rani Ganj’s third day of box office receipts on Sunday

Mission Raniganj Day 3 Box Office Collection

Because Sunday is one of the most significant days of the weekend and all the Friday-released movies are heavily promoted on this day, according to film experts, Sunday is the only day on which its actual earnings can be assessed.

Earning is simple, and it’s expected to make between 5 and 6 crores tomorrow, on Sunday.


Mission rani ganj’s Day 3 Box Office Earnings: The Film’s Budget

In this category of Mission Raniganj Day 3 Box Office Collection, if we talk about the total budget of Raniganj movie, then it is said that approximately ₹ 120 crores have been spent in making this film, which in itself is a big budget.

Akshay Kumar now has a huge obligation to get this movie released in theaters and reimburse the 120 crores to the producer.
the makers, otherwise this film can be a complete flop.


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