Five of the best suspenseful and mysterious web shows from the South that will break your heart.

Five of the best suspenseful and mysterious web shows from the South that will break your heart.

Thriller web series

Thriller web series: In today’s digital era, web series have become a great way to touch the hearts of the audience. Along with Hindi web series, now South language web series are also attracting viewers on the OTT platform.

Here we will tell you about 5 such South Thriller web series which are not only with interesting story, but will also shake your mind and make your weekend amazing.


Thriller web series not only provide entertainment but also force the audience to think. Here, social issues, humanity, and many problems of the society are discussed. Through these stories, the audience grows towards their self-awareness and tries to understand the issues of the society.

1. Fingertip (Fingertip Thriller web series)


Fingertip Thriller web series)

Finger Tip is a Telugu Crime, Mystery and Thriller web series available on ZEE5. In this series, the impact of social media has been shown in a thrilling manner. It shows how high the cost of a mistake can be and what the real consequences can be. By looking at the fingertip you will feel alert and alert.


Science is a good thing when it is used correctly, but when it is used incorrectly, it becomes a bad thing.

In today’s time, we are highly dependent on technology. We use smartphones for everything from shopping, dating, maintaining relationships and expressing our opinions. Our dependence on technology is increasing day by day.

Fingertip is a story about the misuse of technology. The show shows how misuse of technology can ruin people’s lives. You can watch this Telugu Thriller web series in Hindi on zee5.


2. Police Diary 2.0


Police Diary 2.0

Police Diary 2.0 is a crime action web series that tells the story of the Special Task Force. The story full of twists and turns will terrorize you and you will get trapped in it. Watching Police Diary 2.0 will thrill you every moment.


3. Pub Goa


Pub Goa


Pubg Goa is a thriller drama web series that revolves around the events of a virtual game. The game proves to be dangerous not only for the players themselves but also in terms of the events that are happening around them.

The chilling, hot and intense story of this series promises your thrill.


4. Locked



Locked is a crime, thriller and drama web series that revolves around a doctor. This series traps you with an unknown and terrible person from which it becomes difficult to get out. Uncover hidden secrets and explore a new world in this series.





HIGH PRIESTESS is a thrilling horror, thriller, mystery, and drama web series available on ZEE5. The story depicts events from the life of Tarot reader Swathi Reddy as she comes face to face with her divine powers.

The series takes the audience on a unique and terrifying journey where mysteries and unsolved incidents will be found at every step.


After watching all these thriller web series, you will not only be thrilled but your mind will also be shaken. This weekend, enjoy these series with your friends and family and enjoy a unique experience.

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