Maruti 800 car converted into Rolls Royce for just ₹45,000, watch full video

Maruti 800 car converted into Rolls Royce for just ₹45,000, watch full video

Maruti 800 to Rolls Royce: In the world of automobiles, every month some company launches its new car, for which everyone often waits. Today such news is coming from the world of automobiles, which will blow your senses. This news is such that you may not believe it, but it is true news.


According to this news, a teenager living in the Indian state of Kerala has modified the first Maruti company’s Maruti 800 car into a luxury car Rolls Royce for just ₹ 45,000. In earlier decades, the Maruti 800 Car was the favorite car of all Indians, but nowadays no one asks about it.

But this boy from Kerala has done amazing work, so let’s watch his video in which he converted a Maruti car into a Rolls Royce.


Maruti 800 car converted into Rolls Royce


Maruti 800 car converted into Rolls Royce for just ₹45,000, watch full video


Hadif, a resident of Kerala, has modified his Maruti 800 car into a Rolls Royce car, which cost him a total of Rs 45,000. There is a YouTube channel named ‘Tricks Tube by Fazil Basheer’ on YouTube, on which Hadif’s videos have been uploaded.


In which he has told how he had converted the Maruti 800 car into a Rolls Royce car. In the video, Hadid is seen saying that he loves automobiles very much, and he loves converting small vehicles into luxury cars.


The video has received so many views

This modification video of Hadif has been uploaded on the ‘Tricks Tube’ YouTube Channel, which has been viewed by more than 4 lakh people so far and after watching Hadif’s video, more people are praising Hadif through YouTube comments. Are seen doing.


Apart from YouTube, people are also sharing this video of the Maruti 800 with Rolls Royce on other social media platforms, which everyone likes.

This is how Maruti’s car was converted into Rolls Royce.

In the YouTube video, Hadif said that he has modified the car into Rolls Royce by using metal sheets, welding work, and different types of car components to convert Maruti 800 to Rolls Royce.

Which he further explains that he first started working to change the interior and exterior of the Maruti 800 vehicle, then after that he started working to give the vehicle a Rolls Royce look and in this entire process he spent a total of Rs 45,000. It cost up to Rs.

For your information, let us also tell you that Hadif had earlier worked on a Jeep Project, in which he had modified the engine of a motorcycle.

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