Salman hides under the blanket in the teaser for Tiger 3 after observing Katrina’s behavior

Salman hides under the blanket in the teaser for Tiger 3 after observing Katrina’s behavior



Tiger 3 Teaser: There has been discussion about Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s film ‘Tiger 3’ for a long time. Fans are eagerly waiting for this film. Meanwhile, a new update has come out regarding the film. According to rumors, the movie’s sales will begin soon. The film’s poster and release date were just recently made public by the creators. This year’s Diwali celebration will coincide with the release of this movie.

Tiger 3 teaser may be launched soon

The producers will shortly release the movie’s teaser, which will make fans even happier. An article from Bollywood Life claims that Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming movie, “The Great Indian Family,” will coincide with the release of the “Tiger 3″ teaser. However, there was no official confirmation of this information from the producers.

Tiger 3 teaser!

There are rumors that Salman Khan’s teaser can’t debut alongside Vicky’s movie. This is because the “Tiger 3” teaser might command the target market’s undivided attention. Tiger 3 may be highly distinctive for Salman Khan in several respects.
Let us tell you that this film is unique for Salman Khan in many ways.



‘Tiger 2’s’ third part will be available six years after the first film’s release. Fans are anxious to see Zoya and Tiger together on the big screen in this circumstance. In addition, Shahrukh Khan’s cameo in the movie will be nothing short of a gift for his admirers. Regarding Salman’s career, his prior movies did not perform well at the box office. Fans of this movie have a lot of expectations given the circumstances. The teaser for Tiger 3 can be unveiled with the release of this film.


If media rumors are to be accepted, Vicky Kaushal’s movie could potentially have its trailer aired at the same time as Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 movie.

Tiger 3 coming after 6 years


Let us inform you that Tiger 3, the third installment in the Tiger Collection from Yash Raj Films, will be released soon. As the first movie in Aditya Chopra’s Secret Agent universe, Tiger 3 has a lot of burden on its shoulders. This is a good approach to leave behind all the earlier movies, like War and Pathan, and establish the universe.


Together. After six years, Salman and Katrina are returning in the movie as Tiger and Zoya. The movie’s release date is November 10 under the direction of Manish Sharma.
In this, Emraan Hashmi will be seen for the first time in a villainous role.

Best wishes to Salman Khan for the hit

Salman Khan has been continuously flopping at the box office for the last 4 years. The box office performance of his first film, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, wasn’t great either. Salman might have very intimate memories of Tiger 3.

Trade analysts predict that this high-octane action movie will significantly compete at the box office with Shahrukh Khan’s “Pathan” and “Jawaan.”

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