Top 5 Horror Web Series: Five Horror Web Series full of romance and suspense which you cannot watch alone.

Top 5 Horror Web Series: Five Horror Web Series full of romance and suspense which you cannot watch alone.

Top 5 Horror Web Series

Top 5 Horror Web Series: All types of movies and web series are available to watch on the OTT platform. Horror is a genre that many people like. If you are also an OTT lover, then you must watch these top horror web series from Netflix to ZEE5. Today we are telling you a list of 5 such horror films that you cannot watch alone.


(Typewriter Horror Web Series)



Typewriter is a horror web series created by Sujoy Ghosh. The story revolves around a book and a typewriter that is connected to a ghost.

In the story, a family moves into an old mansion. The mansion contains a secret room which contains a typewriter. There is a book on the typewriter that tells a ghost story.

Some children become influenced by the book and decide to see the ghost. They follow the book’s instructions and summon the ghost.

The ghost arrives, and many scary events occur in the story. In the end, the children are freed from the ghost.

If you like horror web series, Typewriter is a good web series. It is well-made and will scare you and keep you engaged.

Bhram (Bhram Horror Web Series)


Bhram (Bhram Horror Web Series)

Bhram is a psychological thriller web series starring Kalki Kekalan. You can watch this web series on Zee5.

The story of Bhram is about a girl Alisha Khanna who is a love story writer. After a car accident, she becomes unsure of her mental state. To regain her stability, she moves in with her sister Ankita and her husband Peter Paul.

The story progresses, and Alisha discovers that there is a mystery behind her car accident. She also discovers that her sister and her husband have a dark secret.

If you like psychological thriller web series, Bhram is a good web series. It is well-made and will keep you engaged till the end.

Gehraiyaan Horror Web Series

Gehraiyaan Horror Web Series


Ghahriyaan is a horror web series based on the story of a surgeon, Reyna Kapoor. Reyna feels scared due to some incidents from her past. Two people from his past also figure into this story, one is his mysterious neighbor and the other is his best friend.

This web series is very scary and mysterious. This is one of the best horror web series in India. It was created by Vikram Bhatt, and you can watch it on Voot.

If you are interested in watching horror web series, Gahiyaan is a good option.


Ghoul (Ghoul Horror Web Series)

Ghoul (Ghoul Horror Web Series)

Fear is something that no one can understand, but everyone is afraid of something or the other. Some people try to know the truth hidden behind fear. After all, why is there fear? Why are we afraid of strange things? People enjoy knowing these things or watching such movies.

The web series “Ghul”, released on Netflix on August 24, 2018, exposes this fear. The name of this web series itself suggests that “Ghul” is an evil face that enters anybody and captures their soul. In Arabic, it is called jinn. “Ghul” is the first web series to be aired on Netflix which is based on a horror story.

If you like horror thriller web series, then Ghul is a good choice. It is a well-crafted story that will scare you and keep you engaged till the end.


Shadow (Typewriter Horror Web Series)

Shadow (Typewriter Horror Web Series)

Ruskin Bond, who is famous for magical, mysterious, and thrilling stories, has now created a web series based on ghost stories. This web series is “Parchhai”, and its first episode “The Ghost in the Garden” was released on January 15.

This story has been written very beautifully. This is a story that helps us understand the fear of ghosts, rather than scaring us. It explains what ghosts are, and why they happen.

By watching this web series, we can be free from the fear of ghosts. We can understand that ghosts are just the imaginations of our minds, and there is no need to be afraid of them.

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