Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

The Indian OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming scene has been heating up with intense competition ever since the success of web series like Mirzapur and The Family Man. In 2023, the race to produce the best crime thriller is in full swing. This article is dedicated to reviewing the top 10 Indian crime thriller web series of the year, featuring gripping stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. “The Burari Deaths”

In a mysterious incident where 11 individuals, spanning generations, lose their lives, the question arises – was it suicide, murder, or something darker like black magic? Inspired by a true story in Delhi, this series explores the harrowing events in a family home with 11 doors and a chilling atmosphere. The series keeps you guessing from the start, introducing various suspects and unveiling clues that will leave you hooked. With four episodes, this series dives deep into disturbing scenes and sensitive topics. It’s strictly for an adult audience and can be found on Disney+ Hotstar.

2. “Veerappan”

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

This gripping series follows the hunt for the infamous and elusive criminal, Veerappan, in South India, spanning two decades. It offers a raw and intense look into the life of one of the most dangerous criminals in Indian history. The series is dark, showing old footage, interviews with police officers, and glimpses of Veerappan himself. With four episodes, it delves into the brutal world of the criminal and the corrupt system that surrounds him. Available on Netflix, it’s a must-watch for crime documentary enthusiasts.

3. “Jengaburu”

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

This series is not for the faint of heart. With brutal scenes and adult content, it’s a visual spectacle that doesn’t shy away from gore and brutality. The plot follows the characters as they descend into darkness and violence, making it a must-watch for those who enjoy such themes. The series is intense, but it’s best enjoyed with low expectations.

4. “Bhaukaal”

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

Set in the ’80s and ’90s when Mumbai was still known as Bombay, this series explores the story of an honest police officer and his transformation into the city’s most wanted gangster. The clash between father and son sets the stage for a gripping narrative filled with drama and tension. The series boasts top-notch actors and mesmerizing cinematography, but its pacing can be a bit slow. With ten episodes on Amazon Prime, it’s not family-friendly due to adult content and brutal scenes.

5. “Birsa”

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

When Priya receives a call about her father’s disappearance in a remote village, she embarks on a journey that unravels a big mystery connected to large-scale mining in Odisha. With seven episodes, this series is a slow-burn mystery that rewards patient viewers. While some scenes could be more concise, the interconnected storylines in the second half make it all worthwhile. It’s a must-watch for mystery enthusiasts.

6. “Mafia Ka Game”

Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series

A murder on a farm during a game sets the stage for a thrilling investigation led by two brave police officers. The series blends crime solving with personal struggles, delivering shocking twists that will leave you speechless. While the pacing can be slow, the series captures the essence of Punjab authentically, drawing you into its raw and rowdy world. With six episodes, it’s a perfect watch for crime thriller fans.

7. “The Great Escape”

While attempting to rescue a girl from a war zone in Syria, Avinash uses his deadly skills to navigate a dangerous world. The series, however, falls short in establishing an emotional connection with the characters and their mission. Some well-built scenes may leave you underwhelmed in the end. Despite its shortcomings, the series is worth watching for fans of crime thrillers.

8. “Ravi Tiwari”

An honest police officer finds himself at odds with his own department in a crime-ridden world. Meanwhile, a woman named Parul harbors a dark secret. With just two episodes, this series is a slow but engaging thriller. The story’s power and the compelling acting, especially by Vijay Varma and Shweta Tripathi, make it a must-watch. Available on JioCinema, it contains disturbing scenes and strong language.

9. “Stamp Paper Scam”

The series delves into the life of Abdul Karim Telgi, who orchestrated a massive fake stamp paper scam worth Rs-30,000 crore in India. This real-life story of corruption and audacity is a compelling watch, despite a few overacted moments. With five episodes currently available, this series is set to be a riveting exploration of one of India’s biggest scams.

10. “Guns & Gulaabs”

This series is a top-tier production from Raj & DK that combines serious crime with clever comedy. With an incredible cast and a gripping story, it’s an addictive watch from start to finish. The seven episodes are expertly paced, ensuring an engaging experience throughout. Be prepared for strong language and slang, but no nudity or adult scenes. Guns & Gulaabs can be found on Netflix and is a must-see for crime thriller enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Indian OTT platforms are delivering some remarkable crime thriller series in 2023. Whether you’re a fan of dark, gritty dramas or intense investigative narratives, there’s something here for every crime thriller enthusiast. So, get ready to binge-watch these engaging series, but remember to be prepared for some dark and disturbing themes. Enjoy your thrilling journey through the world of Indian crime thrillers!


  1. Are these series based on true stories? Some of them are inspired by true events, while others are fictional.
  2. Which streaming platforms can I watch these series on? You can find these series on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and JioCinema.
  3. Do these series have English subtitles? Yes, most of them offer English subtitles for international viewers.
  4. Is there a specific order to watch these series in? You can watch them in any order as they are standalone stories.
  5. Are these series suitable for children? No, most of these series contain adult content and are intended for mature audiences.

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