Students of Haryana made Mobile Charger Shoes

Students of Haryana made Mobile Charger Shoes


Students of Haryana made Mobile Charger Shoes

Mobile Charger Shoes: Phone charging is a big problem, people charge their phone but the phone has to be charged during travel. Then there is a big problem, we need to have power along with the charge so that the phone can be charged and in many cases, due to lack of power, we cannot charge the phone. For that, we need to have a power bank.


Many people find it boring to travel even with a power bank. People want to make their lives very simple and easy and people keep searching for different ways, but what will happen when you can charge the phone, mobile, and laptop from your shoes? Students of Haryana have prepared There is one such unique gadget about which we are going to know.


Mobile Charger Shoes

In the city of Faridabad, Haryana, school girls have prepared such an amazing charger which is surprising to the people. These students have made a shoe that charges the mobile. These students say that with this shoe they can use their mobile and These students can charge their laptops. Students of class 10, 11, and 12th have together prepared this gadget which can help lakhs of people.

Mobile Charger Shoes


Often, whenever we leave for a trip away from home, the biggest problem is mobile charging on the way. To solve this problem, the children of Shri Ram Modern School, Faridabad have jointly invented this, through which shoes can now generate current and charge phones. You will also be able to charge your mobile and laptop with your shoes.

Invention of Mobile Charger Shoes

While talking to ETV News, a student Balraj said that this idea came to us on our own. He said that we saw that people are not able to live without phones, nowadays people are paying attention to everything, but there was something different from this. The way the phone can be charged. So we thought why not make some gadget that can charge the phone and also maintain health, so we thought of inventing a charging shoe with which people can charge their phone even while wearing it.


How does the shoe charging gadget work?

Three female students of classes 10, 11, and 12th of Shriram Modern School, Faridabad have made a shoe that can charge mobiles and laptops. This shoe has a special device, which converts the energy generated from body weight into electricity. This electricity is then used to charge the mobile or laptop.

A special type of aluminum plate is fitted in the sole of the shoe. When a person walks in this shoe, the energy generated by his movement is stored in this plate. A Physio chip is then used to transform this energy into electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery. When a mobile or laptop needs to be charged, the mobile or laptop is charged by extracting power from the battery.

shoe features

*This shoe converts the energy generated from body weight into electricity.
*This shoe can charge both mobile and laptop.
*Walking wearing this shoe helps a person to stay fit.

Shoe Limits

*This shoe is still under development.
*This shoe is only available in limited quantities as of now.
*This shoe is still expensive.

Mobile Charger Shoes Price

Friends, students are saying that the price of these Mobile Charger Shoes is around Rs 800 because the students have made these shoes at this price.

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