Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?

Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?

When it comes to cricket, Virat Kohli’s name is one that resonates with fans worldwide. He is not only known for his exceptional cricketing skills but also for his charismatic personality.

One question that often comes up in conversations about Virat Kohli is whether he is Punjabi.

In this article, we will delve into the roots of this cricketing sensation and explore his Punjabi connection.


Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?

Early Life and Background

Virat Kohli came into this world on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India. Prem Kohli, his father, was a criminal lawyer, and Saroj Kohli is a housewife. Virat has two siblings: older brother Vikas and younger sister Bhavna। Virat spent most of his childhood in Uttam Nagar, Delhi, where his family lived.

Punjabi Heritage

Virat Kohli was born in Delhi, but his family is Punjabi. The Kohli family hails from Punjab, which is famous for its diverse culture, eclectic traditions, and compassionate people. Punjabi is the local language, and Punjabis are famous for their love of food, music, and festivals.


Virat’s Punjabi background stems from his father’s family. Saroj Kohli, his maternal grandmother, was Punjabi। This indicates that Virat has Punjabi blood in his blood and he is proud of his Punjabi heritage.


Growing Up in a Punjabi Household

Virat Kohli was born in Delhi, but he grew up in a traditional Punjabi family. Punjabi families have strong family values and strong bonds। Virat’s education was similar. He was raised with the same love, kindness, and principles that are typical of Punjabi families.


Virat highly values Punjabi culture’s cuisine. Punjabi cuisine is known for its abundant and delicious dishes, such as butter chicken, dal makhani, and various breads like naan and roti. Virat has frequently spoken in interviews about how much he loves Punjabi food, especially when his mother cooks it for him.


Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?

Virat Kohli’s Connection to Punjabi Music

Punjabi music has catchy melodies and energetic beats. Virat Kohli is one of its many global fans. He loves Punjabi music and frequently shares his favorite Punjabi songs with his followers on social media। Punjabi musician Diljit Dosanjh, Guru Randhawa, and B Praak are all on his playlist.

Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?



Finally, Virat Kohli has a connection to Punjabi heritage through his paternal grandmother, who was Punjabi. He was born in Delhi and is considered one of India’s best cricketers, but his Punjabi ancestry is a big part of him. His connection to this vibrant culture has been enhanced by growing up in a Punjabi family, cooking Punjabi food, and listening to Punjabi music. When you ask, “Is Virat Kohli Punjabi?”He takes pride in his Punjabi heritage, and the answer is a resounding yes.


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