Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17: Will Anjali Arora have a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17?

Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17: Will Anjali Arora have a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17?

Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17

Anjali Arora in bigg boss 17: The game is intense in Bigg Boss house and now there is a possibility of a new twist in this game. There is talk that Anjali Arora is going to enter Bigg Boss house.

Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17: Is Anjali Arora going to enter Bigg Boss 17?

The 17th season of Bigg Boss is going very exciting. The audience is seeing new twists every day. Now news is coming that internet sensation Anjali Arora (Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17) is also going to enter Bigg Boss.

Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17

Anjali Arora’s name was in discussion for Bigg Boss for a long time. But, he did not get a place in the initial list. Now it seems that he will be brought into Bigg Boss through wild card entry.

Anjali Arora’s entry into Bigg Boss will add even more excitement to the show. The audience is waiting to see how Anjali will perform in Bigg Boss.

Anjali Arora has already appeared in these reality shows

Just a few days ago, Orhaan aka Auri has made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss. On the same lines, Anjali Arora will also be given entry in Bigg Boss. It is being said that Anjali’s entry will change the game of Bigg Boss. Anjali Arora had earlier also participated in a reality show.


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Anjali Arora has also previously appeared in Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Up’. When Bigg Boss 17 started, Anjali Arora’s name was also in discussion as a contestant. However, fans were disappointed as his name was not in the list. Now the news is that (Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17) Anjali will come to the show through wild card. Elvish Yadav had also mentioned Anjali Arora’s entry during the chat.

What did Anjali Arora say?

Anjali Arora had reacted about Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ishi Malviya a few days ago. He praised Ishi and said that she is a strong contestant.

Anjali Arora In Bigg Boss 17

However, Anjali Arora has not yet given any reaction or confirmed the ongoing discussion about participating in Bigg Boss.

Who is currently in Bigg Boss house?

The names in the house of Bigg Boss 17 are Mannara, Munavvar, Ankita, Abhishek, Firoz Khan (aka Khanzadi), Vicky, Neil, Aishwarya, Isha, Sunny, Anurag, Jigna, Navid, Rinku, Arun, Sana, Raees Khan and Sonia Bansal. There were total 17 contestants. But, Sonia, Manasvi and Jigna have said goodbye to the show. Now there are two wild card contestants in the house, they are Samarth Jurel and Orhan aka Auri.

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