ANGURI PART 1 ULLU WEB SERIES: Took unfair advantage of a blind girl

ANGURI PART 1 ULLU WEB SERIES: Took unfair advantage of a blind girl



Anguri Part 1 Ullu Web Series: At present, a lot of web series are being released on Ullu app because in today’s time the number of viewers of Ullu has also increased a lot, hence Ullu releases new web series keeping in mind its viewers. Is going on, and now the trailer of another web series has been released on Ullu App and Ullu’s YouTube channel named Anguri Part 1, so today we are going to tell you about this new web series of Ullu. If you like it then you can watch this web series.


As we told you that Ullu is currently busy in releasing more web series so that its audience remains hooked to Ullu, hence the trailer of the new web series has been released and very soon this web series will also be released.


If we talk about the story of this web series, then according to the trailer, it appears to be the story of a blind girl who is blind and very innocent and some wrong people want to take advantage of her innocence.

It is shown in the trailer that the father of a blind girl is looking for a boy for his daughter’s marriage and then a boy also comes to see her, but the father of the blind girl knows the reality of the boy and how he is, so he refuses this relationship. gives.e

The audience is waiting for Naki’s new web series, have you seen his web series?

It is also seen in the second scene of the trailer that on the way, a blind girl bumps into another blind boy, due to which some conversation happens between them and then that meeting turns into friendship and friendship turns into love, after which both of them get married. But here there is a twist in the story and that twist is that the blind boy she marries is not actually blind, she pretends to be blind and marries him and then with his friends. arranges relations with blind housewives


To know what happens next in this story, you will have to watch Ullu’s web series Anguri Part 1 completely, but for that you will have to wait for its release.

Friends, you will not only enjoy the romantic scenes and drama of this web series, but this web series will also give you a message and that is that in today’s time, do not trust any person blindly, even if he is your friend. No matter how close it may be, an attempt has been made to convey this message in this web series.

When will ANGURI PART 1 ULLU WEB SERIES be released?

For your information, let us tell you that Ullu has just released the trailer of this web series and in that trailer it is told that this web series is being released on Ullu app on 14th November, so you have to wait till 14th November. lay down

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