Aarya 3 Trailer Released: ‘Sometimes a mother has to become a monster to protect her children’, have you seen the trailer of ‘Arya 3’?

Aarya 3 Trailer Released: ‘Sometimes a mother has to become a monster to protect her children’, have you seen the trailer of ‘Arya 3’?

Aarya 3 Trailer Released:

Aarya 3 Trailer Released: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is in the news these days about her upcoming Aarya 3 Webseries. His fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this web series. The teaser of this web series was released a few days ago.

After this, now the makers have released the trailer of this web series. This series takes a different turn with many twists and the trailer shows that the story is changing completely.

Sushmita Sen is seen in action mode in Aarya 3 trailer

Sushmita Sen has returned to the role of Arya in Ram Madhvani’s Aarya 3 web series. Sushmita has displayed an enthusiastic personality in this series. As a single mother, she does everything for her children. The trailer shows that she can do anything to save her children.


Arya and her daughters are seen in the recently released trailer of Arya. This time, desi mafia turned Arya tries to expand her drug business. Not only people from the country but also from abroad are behind him. Everyone wants to eliminate this lioness and they are also making efforts for it. But Arya is not going to accept defeat.

The Aarya 3 Webseries trailer is awesome

Aarya 3 Trailer Released:

In the trailer of Arya 3, Arya, played by Sushmita Sen, is shown to be more violent than before. She is now doing everything she once hated and is following in her father’s footsteps. Sushmita’s personality in the trailer is stronger, more powerful, and as fierce as a lioness. The trailer shows Arya saying that sometimes a mother has to become a monster to protect her children.


In the trailer, Sushmita can be seen as a strong and independent woman, who is ready to do anything to protect her children. During this time, she is also seen doing some work that Arya never wanted to do. He even has to do things like opium smuggling.

The trailer of Arya 3 is very amazing. Will Arya find a way out of this crisis or will her life end? This will be known only after the release of the web series.

Aarya season 3 release date

Aarya 3 Trailer Released:

This time the story has become even more interesting with the arrival of many new actors in the series. It also stars Ila Arun and Indranil Sengupta, whom Sushmita will have to face during her work. It is shown in the trailer that Arya gets badly injured at the hands of the enemies. Now it remains to be seen how Arya will face the difficulties faced by her this time. Let us tell you that ‘Arya 3’ is going to be streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar on November 3 this year.

What will be Sushmita Sen’s industry entry from Aarya 3 Webseries?

It is believed that Sushmita Sen is a very good actress, but she did not get as many opportunities in the industry as she should have. In response to the question asked on this subject, Sushmita Sen said, it is okay to complain, but I do not know to whom to complain. People say that I did not get the right opportunities in the industry, this is a very small thing. The biggest thing is that next year I will be in the industry for 30 years.


I was 18 years old when I first met my people, my country. After 30 years, whatever came into my life, whatever I did, people have supported me. What a big deal this is to me.


When Sushmita Sen was at the peak of her career in Hindi cinema, she suddenly left the industry and stayed away for eight years. Sushmita Sen says I left the industry at my best time. When I came back, this industry welcomed me again with love. Because our audience is very good and as long as they want to see me, no one can harm me. Thanks to the love of the audience, I have stood again today.

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