A list of the countries that have won the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup was first organized in 1927 and since then it has been held every four years. The tournament is being played at an interval of four years. When talking about the FIFA World Cup with its history of all-time winners, it is a bit surprising to know that Brazil has won the most number of times. This article takes a look at different teams who have been crowned as World Cup Winners till now.

It is safe to say that the FIFA World Cup is one of, if not the, most popular sporting events in the world. The tournament is held every four years and draws teams from all over the globe. It is a truly international event and one that captures the imagination of people from all walks of life.

Since its inception in 1930, there have been 20 World Cups held. Of those 20, only eight different countries have won the title. Brazil is the most successful team in World Cup history, having won the tournament five times. They are followed by Italy and Germany who have both won four titles apiece. Argentina and Uruguay have both won twice, while England, France, and Spain have all lifted the trophy once.


List of Countries that have won the FIFA World Cup


  • Brazil (5): 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
  • Germany (4): 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014
  • Italy (4): 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
  • Argentina (2): 1978, 1986
  • Uruguay (2): 1930, 1950
  • England (1): 1966
  • France (1): 1998
  • Spain (1): 2010



With the 2018 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, it’s time to look at all the countries that have won the prestigious tournament in the past. From Brazil to Germany, these are the teams that have triumphed on football’s biggest stage. Who will add their name to this list in 2018? Only time will tell.


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