Box Office Collection: Vikrant Massey’s “12th Fail,” which brought in a staggering amount of money, eclipses Kangana Ranaut’s “Tejas.”

Box Office Collection: Vikrant Massey’s “12th Fail,” which brought in a staggering amount of money, eclipses Kangana Ranaut’s “Tejas.”

12th Fail Box Office Collection

12th Fail Box Office Collection: Many new films were released on 27 October. These include Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’, Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail’ and Nitin Gadkari’s biopic ‘Gadkari’. “Tejas,” starring Kangana Ranaut, hasn’t done as well at the box office as anticipated. On its opening day, the movie made less money. However, the low-budget movie “12th Fail” has made a good amount of money.

In the film ’12th Fail’, actor Vikrant Massey has played the role of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma. Manoj Kumar Sharma wanted to become an IPS since childhood, but he was not good in studies. He failed in 9th, 10th, third class and in 12th. But he did not give up and worked hard and became IPS. This film tells his inspirational story. The film has earned well on the first day.

12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 1 – 12th Fail overshadows Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas

“Tejas” and “12th Fail,” the two new movies that were launched on October 27, 2023, have made a combined total of Rs 1.1 crore in their first day of sales. The same sum has also been earned by “Tejas.” Based on the cast and budget of both movies, “12th Fail” is thought to be superior to “Tejas.”

12th Fail Box Office Collection

The budget of “12th Fail” is just Rs 30 crore, while more than Rs 45 crore has been spent on “Tejas”. Thus, “12th Fail” is being considered a low-budget film to perform better than “Tejas”.

Day 2 Box Office Collection for “12th Fail”: The movie makes twice as much money on day two.

The second day of the box office release of the Friday-released movie “12th Fail” has been quite interesting. As a result, on the second day of the film’s release, the box office receipts were significantly higher.
According to Sacknilk, the film has earned Rs 2.20 crore on the second day, which is much more than the first day’s earnings.

Therefore, it is evident that “12th Fail” did better at the box office on opening day, and based on its performance on the second, it is anticipated that the movie would do well.

The film “12th Fail” had earned more than Rs 1.10 crore at the box office on the first day, which was a mediocre start. But on the second day, the film earned Rs 2.20 crore at the box office, which is much higher than the first day.

This surge is due to the good story and acting of the film. The film tells the story of a man who becomes an IPS despite failing in class 12th.

It will be interesting to see on Sunday whether the film can reach the Rs 10 crore mark.

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