Who can be entitled to the Golden Boot in FIFA WC?

 The player with the most goals in FIFA gets the Golden Boot

Let's know the whole story FIFA World Cup was held in 1982, the beginning of awarding Golden Silver and Branch Boot

Gold, Silver and Bronze are given to the top three players with the most goals in a FIFA tournament. boots

Like Man of the Series, this award is given to the player with the best performance in a football tournament

It was started in 1982 during the FIFA World Cup under the name of Golden Shoe. Till 2006 it was called Golden Shoe

Its name was changed in FIFA World Cup 2010. Golden Shoe changed to Golden Boot

Guillermo Stabile of Argentina was the first to receive this award in 1930 for the best 8 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo can become the second entitled. According to experts, he can win the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Golden Boot award

French footballer Just Fontaine won the Golden Boot award in Sweden 1958 FIFA by scoring the most 13 goals. which is the most It is a big record

In 2018, Harry Kane of England won this title by scoring 6 goals

who can win the golden boot this time Vinicius Junior can become Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup 2022 entitled

22 goals in 2021-22 and Has made a record of 16 assists, Vinicius Jr. Due to the best records, the selection was done in the Brazil squad in the FIFA World Cup 2022

Debut can set a record in the World Cup itself and can win the Golden Boot