In fiery news conference, Gianni Infantino said Western countries were not in a position to give 'moral lessons'

Qatar's Doha - A few hours before the World Cup begins in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino criticised Western nations for their "hypocrisy

hypocrisy," claiming they were not in a position to provide "moral lessons" to other countries.

The Swiss Italian said during a tense press conference in the Oatari capital on the eve of the competition that Europe should address its prior crimes before criticising Qatar.

The Middle Eastern nation, according to Infantino, whose parents were Italian migrant workers, has "made progress" in enhancing migrant workers' rights.

When I first arrived here six years ago, I brought up the issue of migrant workers head-on.

How many of these European or Western business companies, who earned millions and millions from Qatar and other countries in the region