The world's greatest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a major setback amid the FIFA World Cup 2022 being played in Qatar.

Ronaldo plays for the English football club Manchester United. Ronaldo has been fined and banned for two matches from the domestic tournament FA Cup.

Ronaldo was fined and banned from the match recently because he broke an angry fan's mobile while leaving after losing the match.

Ronaldo was walking out with his team after the defeat in the match, limping due to a leg injury. Meanwhile, one of his fans made his video.

Ronaldo snatches that fan's mobile and throws it

Ronaldo is fined 50,000 pounds, which is a fine of about 49 thousand rupees in Indian currency.

After this incident, Ronaldo also feels regret.

After which he also apologizes to his fans by putting an Instagram gram post and invites that supporter to watch the match.